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Its like trying to drink whiskey out of a bottle of wine...

Mamao gotta jibboo

10/15/05 01:52 pm - hahaha

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10/14/05 04:03 pm - SLOSS

going to sloss saturday night...

Gimme a call or message if you wanna come along.

9/24/05 02:06 pm

Your an eight...


9/23/05 07:02 am - WOO HOO!

im so happy my woman doesn't have to move to hawaii =D

Oh, and watching it in the theater last night at nicoles in HD was effing amazing... haha

9/22/05 12:16 am

so im kinda worried about tomorrow... Its going to be interesting. Most of yall probably already know, but some of yall dont. EVERYONE knows how sams ex cassidy is crazy... like seriously crazy... anyways, sam and alley are dating now, and this sent her over the edge, so today she made a list of pretty much all of sams friends and all of alleys friends, gave it to the security gaurds, and told them we've been doing drugs and bringing alchohal to school. Im pretty sure they're just going to laugh at her face (trust me, EVERYONE at school knows shes a lil coo cooooo).

But nisha is coming back tomorrow, so all guys who hang out with sean, if you have a class with him, seriously kinda watch out, because we know the whole story, and im not going to go into details about that story, but im just really hoping nothing bad happens tomorrow. Now... as far as all these girls wanting to kick cassidys ass... thats funny. haha, i'll have to give an update on what happens...

BIG SPRING JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But im so effing pumped for BSJ! a weekend of being with my girlfriend ALL weekend long, being with some of my CLOSEST friends ALL weekend long, and not only that! but making more friends!!!! including a friend of mine from bham whom i' ve known for ever but have never hung out with COUGH COUGH LIBBY! hahaha, but i cant wait. Gimme a call if you wanna hang out durring this shindig. Friday night i'll be walking around, saturday night Rocket 95.1 Stage all night for Tishamingo and The Black Crowes and what not (kinda the jam band stage for the night) and Sunday night i'll be at the Cyberdrop stage all night for BETTER THAN EZRA and JOURNY!!!!


for the record, nicole, i beat you today... hahaha
15 - 14  
i love yoU! =D

9/18/05 03:51 pm

so i bought the new 311 cd Dont Tread On Me...

i love 311...

last night was amazing


9/12/05 07:22 am

Take the quiz: "Which Horror Movie Are You?"

The Blair Witch Project
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ok... maybe i should take that over again, because i am NOTHING like that. haha

9/11/05 12:02 pm

It still hurts to look at the pictures...

Never forget what happened

9/8/05 03:55 pm - sad...

So im extremely sad right now...

...im going to miss the new season of the oc tonight...
But nicoles going to record it and i'll watch it at her house tomorro. haha... Im guessing that meens we wont be very busy at coldstone tonight... i'll have to update later and tell everyone just how many teenage females we'll have in the store tonight...

NEW ORLEANS! we have some people who just transferred to lee from new orleans, a couple in the magnet and what not, but its pretty cool that they decided to come to lee. I haven't had a good chance to talk to them, but im pretty sure they're a couple of the few who got out AHEAD of time and decided just to leave it all behind them. But im sure they'll feel welcomed here in huntsville, just as long as they dont meet up with a few of the exceptions here in huntsville... haha

BUT! if you want... come by OR tell me what happens on the oc...

9/7/05 10:57 pm

So today after school (yes i went to school after coming home sick yesterday)
I went to nicoles house. we decided to watch The Notebook. I've never seen it before, and after seeing it, im glad i saw it with nicole. But i must say it was a good movie, other than the fact i KNEW those old people were them the WHOLE TIME. But it actually made me kinda teary eyed at the end. After words i told my mom when she called me that it reminded her of my great grandparents and it kinda got me upset. But i had a good night. I ate chilli with the petroffs. Nicole showed me mars and jupiter.

But today was a good day...
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