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We are so very sorry, there is little we can do...


so yeh... you wont be hearing about this on the news, cause trust me, they dont want yall knowing about it.


Hear goes the story...

Today was just like any other friday...
We all went to the gym at 7th period for the peprally, this was the SENIOR pep ralley. We were all crunk and ready. EVerything was going good. Here's where things went wrong. They said it was time for the senior dance.
They turned off the lights.... THEY TURNED OFF THE FUCKING LIGHTS AT LEE HIGHSCHOOL... at one i saw all of the sophmore section move over to the freshman section. It seriously looked like a wave of people. People were fighting EVERYWHERE in the bleachers. The seniors just kept dancing. lol. But the police and teachers came in to stop everything. The orchestra teacher was trying to seperate poeple, they started pushing him.
Officer goins shined his flash light up there at the teacher... right as he does, you see him push a kid DOWN the bleachers... this is a BIG man, he pushed one, and about 20 fell behind him.

So they call off the pep ralley, tell everyone to go back to there classes. I knew no one was going to class... at the moment ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Me and adam were walking next to a girl who was like... IT WAS ALL CAUSE SOME KIDS WERE THROWIN KOOL LAID AND FLAVOR AID. lol. But then i got trampeled by one of the cops... i heard him yelling into his radio "ANOTHER FIGHT IN CROSS HALL!" so everyone goes running to see it.... kids are rolling around punching and kicking. I see a kid walk past me saying to himself... IM GOING TO KILL THAT KID! IM GOING TO KILL THAT KID. i just laughed... i kept walking, THE SAME DANM KID goes running past me whipping blood off of himself as fucking cops run after him. Fights are breaking out all across lee...So me and some other white kids go running to the choir room.

We get to the choir room and adam was like... I GOT IT ALL ON TAPE! I GOT IT ALL ON TAPE! because he'd been shooting for the senior video. So we decide we're going to go watch it in mr matthews room... I was like... hold up, lemme go get my back pack. I saw ben and told him about the video, so he decided that he'll join me and come watch with me. We get the ramp that goes into the caffeteria... and we see NO LIE about 100 kids running as fast as they can outta the building... of course adam is running in the middle of it with the camera above his head yelling... I HAVE A CAMERA! I HAVE A CAMERA! untill mrs chun came and took it away from him. haha. But the first thought in our heads is, someone has a gun. So me and ben go running back to the other door out. We get there... and there are about 4 fights breaking out in the parking lot. About 10 police cars came racing to lee.

So fights are everywhere... im standing outside just watching everything go on... im seein our security gaurds actually doing there JOBS! this is a first... But i swear... 30 cops showed up in seconds... But fights just KEPT breaking out, EVERYWHERE. This one big white cop was in the middle of a big group of black kids... and they kept saying shit to him... He finnly got pissed and sick of and pulled out his night stick... they shut up pretty quickly.

But things slowly started to calm down. there was alot more, i just cant think of ALL of it right now... when adam comes out wiht the tape, we'll have a show of it... We're calling it Lee High, The Riot of 05.

I learned tonight that someguy got the shit beat out of him in the bathroom, and also, some guys head got busted open by a locker... im telling ya, i love my school. It was all the fucking freshmen who started it...
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